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Selected wines from three Slovenian wine-growing regions, with nine wine-growing districts ranking among the world’s very best. Slovenian vineyards are located in the very heart of the European wine-growing zone.

The vine belt of ideal locations includes Slovenian wine-growing regions and areas such as Burgundy in France, while the intertwining of climate and soil influences enables Slovenia to diversify its wine offer. No fewer than 52 vine varieties thrive in Slovenia!

Wine-growing regions of Slovenia

White or red, lush aromatic, strong, full or light, dry or sweet – whatever wine suits you, in the three wine-growing regions of Slovenia you will discover your favorites!

EDS 2024 - Primorska

Primorska is the warmest wine-growing region

EDS 2024 - Štajerska

Superb white wines, the oldest grapevine in the world, terraced vineyards in the hilltop village of Jeruzalem – all this and...

EDS 2024 - Posavje

Taste excellent sparkling wines, increasingly better rosés, and extraordinary sweet wines.