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Špela Briški Cirman

Judge CV

I was born in the year 1976. Together with my husband, we live in a nice village near the town of Postojna, Slovenia. We love animals and beside breeding dogs (Targa Line kennel) we professionaly breed falcons.

I work as a falcon breeder, I am an engineer of Forestry and Hunting management and very active huntress.I am involved in a dog breeding since my childhood, when my father brougt home a Cocker Spaniel and since then dogs have always been a part of my life. In the past we bred Chihuahuas and Japanese Chins.

We are now breeding Pomeranians, we own a working Standard Dachshund female and Central Asian Shepard dog as guard on our falcon farm.

Since 2004 I have been an international dog show judge, I am a specialist for group 5 and I am also a judge for a group 4 and 9. I judged in my home country and in most of the countries in Europe.

I am a vice president of the Breeding Committe in the Slovenian club for breeds from group 5 (Klub 5).

I am also a member of Organising Committee, working as an Expert Manager of the Summer Winner dog show (double international show, national show and special show for FCI 5 breeds), wich organizes an exhibition every year in Postojna.