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Show Regulations

Exhibitors undertake to observe these regulations. 


Please observe the entry regulations,  the veterinary rabies vaccination certificate is absolutely needed at the border and will be needed also before the entrance on Euro Dog Show.

Important notice

Only those dogs are admitted for which a breed standard has been accepted by the FCI and which are registered in a stud book of register (livre d'attente) recognized by the FCI. Sick dogs, castrated dogs and visibly pregnant bitches, are not allowed into the exhibition area. All dogs should be kept on leash at all times and muzzled if aggressive. The owners of the exhibited dogs are responsible for all damages that occur their dog.

Cropped/docked dogs

Cropped/docked dogs can be exhibited!


Exhibitor's complaints will be dealt with at show only. Any decision made by a judge regarding the qualifications, awards and placing is final and indisputable. However, complaints about the organization of the show and about the procedure followed to give the qualifications, awards and placing are admissible and have to be made immediately in writing and against the deposit of 100 EUR as surety. If the complaint is found to be unjustified, this surety will be handed over to the organizer of the show.

Dog welfare and health

The exhibitors are responsible for the welfare of the dogs at a FCI international dog show. It is forbidden to expose a dog to a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as for example leaving it in the car in excessively hot or cold weather and/or treating it in a cruel manner. Violation of this ruling will result in exclusion from the ongoing and future dog shows