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Polina Simić

Judge CV

Polina Simic realizes that cynology is her life in Russia in DOSAAF Club (Cinology Club for military dogs). Polina purchased her first dog in 1984 and the first litter was born in 1986. Her breed was the Airedale Terrier and the prefix is "Ezheni". She was dressage instructor and an active member of the club Airedale Terrier. In 1995 she moved to Serbia and started breeding Caucasian shepherd dog and later in 2004 Central Asia shepherd dogs. She is owner and breeder of Caucasian and Central Asia shepherds with the kennel name „Ruski Izvor“ (2002.), which produced many champions, has a world champion and Europe, many champions of different countries. In 2003 she established the first Caucasian & Central Asia shepherd club in Serbia and after 2 years Club transformed to Club of the Russian breeds. For 20 years now she is being the only President of the Club. Author of the book about Caucasian Shepherd, as well as the editor and publisher of several magazines on Russian breeds and a promoter Russian breeds. Organiser and show director on many speciality dog shows in Serbia. Published her kynological articles in “ZOV” magazine and other Cinologycal magazins in Serbia and Russia. As a judge exterior, she received her first qualifications in 2001 and in 2005 she became International judge.