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We will have quite a lot parkings available for exhibitors, motorhomes and for visitors. The car park also has reserved spaces for people with reduced mobility.

The show ground, Celje Congress Centre, has a large parking area with plenty of room for all exhibitors and visitors.

The parking is free and it will be possible to arrive early to get a spot first in line.

Be responsible to the dogs!

The exhibitors are responsible for safeguarding the welfare of the dogs at dog shows. It is forbidden to put the dog in a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as leaving it in the car in hot or cold weather.

If the organisators or visitors find that it will be irresponsible to leave dogs in the cars, it will be announced in the loudspeakers 1 or 2 times. If the dogs are not removed from the cars immediately the matter will be passed on to the police and we will do everything to save the dogs. If the car is air conditioned, please put up a sign on a visible location in the car window.

Pricelist for parking during EDS2024

EDS 2024 - parking

if you want to buy a parking space for all days, please select each day separately and select the desired parking space under additional products.

Parking places

EDS 2024 - Parking places