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Junior handling

Participating in Junior Handling teach a child many important life lessons — how to be a good sport, how to put one’s mind to something and master it; and how training can lead to a very special bond with a dog

Individual Junior handling competitions will take place each of the four days. 

National representation

The representative of each country has to be a national citizen of the country that he/she is granted to represent.
If the country does not have junior handling activity, it is not allowed to send a candidate to European FCI Dog Show Junior Handling finals.

Age groups

Only the single group aged 9-18 years will be allowed to take part in the Open Junior Handling competitions taking place on each day of the European FCI Dog Show.

Participants taking part in the International Open Junior Handling competitions happening on each day of European FCI Dog Show, have to be less than 18 years of age on the date of first day of International Open Junior Handling Competition.

Only the participants who are competing as the official national representatives in the final Junior Handling Competition held at the European FCI Dog Show can be under 19 years of age on the day of the Final Junior Handling Competition held at an European FCI Dog Show. *

The above is only valid unless an event has been cancelled or postponed due to force majeure, in which case the original dates of the competition should be considered as referential.

Information to the participants

The show organiser will confirm the participation of each junior handler early enough before the competitions.

Competition procedure

Daily Open Competitions:
Every day, the judge selects the best three (3) of each Open Competition without placing them. From the best 3 each day, last day in SEMI-FINAL judge will pick best 5 finalists.

Final Junior Handling Competition:
The Final Junior Handling Competition will be arranged on the last day of the European FCI Dog Show in the Main Ring just before the group competitions and Best in show programme begins.

The best junior handlers from the Open Competitions compete in the Final Junior Handling Competition together with the participants sent by the National Canine Organisations.

The judge selects the best three (3) participants and places them accordingly.


  • At FCI European dog Show 2024, the following rules apply:
  • Each daily Open Competition consists of a preliminary decision competition which takes place in a separate ring, and in a final competition in the afternoon which takes place in the main ring.
  • The junior handler may participate each day in the daily Open Competitions unless he/she has already been placed among the best three (3) on one of the Open Competition days.
  • The breeds handled in the Junior Handling competition do not necessarily have to be the same as those which are judged in the European FCI Dog Show on the same day, but dogs that are handled in Junior Handling have to be entered at the EDS
  • Every country (national organisation) is entitled to designate one participant who may compete only in the final competition of the European FCI Dog Show on official email.
  • The qualified National representative may not compete in the daily qualifying Open Competitions held at the same FCI European dog Show.
  • In daily qualifying Open Competitions, Junior Handlers are not bound to comply with the order of the starting numbers as the dog may be entered in the European FCI Dog Show.
  • The assisting ring stewards will take care that not too many juniors are in the ring at the same time and that dogs match in size.


If you have any question, you can write us!

Junior Handling contact

Anja Matić Butara, main coordinator for Junior Handling at the European dog show 2024