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Jochen H. Eberhardt

Judge CV

Born 25.10.1943 in Heidelberg, Germany.

Studied law and architecture in Heidelberg, Geneva CH and Karlsruhe. Architect., retired.
Married to and supported by wife Silke, one son.

Started with Beagles in 1970, breed judge since 1974, all breed judge since 1995. So far judged over 80.000 dogs in 50 countries. Still enjoys meeting the dog fancy and their dogs all over the world.

Beagle breeder under FCI kennel name ‚True Lines…(FCI)‘with wife Silke, bred also Border Terriers and Lagotto Romagnolo, altogether 86 litters. All three breeds campaigned ourselves extensively and internationally with consistent international success.

Advisor on Breeding and Registration matters to the German Kennel Club (VDH) for almost 20 years, many years president of the FCI Breeding Commission.

Also owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback for 14 years, now living with three Lagotto Romagnolo and one Bolognese.