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Joao Vasco Pocas

Judge CV

I started in the world of dogs with 15 years old as a handler of 1 Great Dane and that same year I bought my first dog to show, a nice brindle Boxer male and 2 more later.

A year later I acquired my first Pyrenean Mountain Dog in France, 1 year later 1 bitch and my first litter, then I never stopped. Today I also own and breed Dobermann. I made 30 litters of the breed and obtained excellent results and titles like Champions of France and other countries, as well as titles of World-winner Champions.

I have judged in all the European countries, 4 times the WDS at Porto, Helsinki, Paris, Amsterdam, and the EDS in Brussels, Kiev and EDS in 2026.

I have been an international judge since 1996 and since then I have progressed in my career as a judge and are now authorized to judge the 2nd, 8th and 10th groups.

I have judged almost all European countries, UK, Australia, and USA.

From an early age I remained active in various activities as ring steward, I was member of the board and later Secretary, Vice President and later President of the Portuguese Boxer Club, I was on the show committee organization for Atibox 2000 in Portugal. I have judged in 36 countries; I was in the board of many breed clubs, and I am also trainee judge giving seminars for many group 2 breeds.