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Jasna Matejčić

Judge CV

Since my childhood I was surrounded with animals and sport– first with horses and bit after with the dogs. My first dog was Old English sheepdog - bobtail. Under Dilemma prefix I bred and owned many champions in this breed. In 1998 I started with Shih Tzu and in 2007 with Lhasa Apsos and since then, I owned numerous BIS winners and bred more than 90 champions all over the world. In 2013 I stopped breeding Shih Tzu's and dedicated myself to another wonderful breed - Dachshund - fulfilling big and long-time desire. In 2018 I started with beautiful Shibas.
In Lhasa Apsos and Dachshunds I owned and bred top Lhasas of all times in our country, winners of BIS and Groups on many prestigious shows as well World winners in breed. Start in Dachshunds was just amazing with one reserve World Junior Winner and one Junior World Champion winning the breed also. With Shibas we also started wonderfully, our bred and owned female was European junior winner and BOS in Paris. Beside these breeds, I also owned and showed English Bull Terrier with great success.

In 1994 I become a FCI licensed judge for FCI Group 1 (British Sheepdogs) and later for other FCI Groups, becoming an all round judge in 2014. Till now I judged in almost all European countries and Asia.

I am president of breeding committee of Club for tibetan breeds. From 2012-2016 I was also a member of Croatian Kennel Club's Commission for breeding of Utility dogs.