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Dragana Bujišić-Vasiljević

Judge CV

My name is Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic and I come from Republic of Serbia. By the profession I have finished Law University, specializied for crimnal low.

FCI judge I became in far 2004. Nowadays I am qualified as an FCI International Show Judge for all breeds in FCI Group 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9.

I was born in a family who always have had poodles. Actually, I belong to the fourth generation who lives with this beautiful breed. Having a poodle is a tradition in our home, but I'm the first one who officialy breed, show and judge them.

Under the name of kennel “Jasenak” we started breeding dogs in 1998. Many years ago we bred a few successful litters of English Cocker Spaniels, but now we own and breed just a poodles.

During the years we have bred many Champions world wide. Our dogs represented Serbia at the "Eukanuba World Challenge" twice. Also, we have bred the dogs who became Top Dogs (in different way of ranking) in many countries.

We always try to follow the most important points: health, type, temperament.

This all is my hobby, which can put many things together: patience, care, love, passion, freedom, sport, ambition .. different but only positive feelings.

Last but not and least, I'm a proud mother of three boys who are involved in many sports and activities with our poodles.


Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic