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Daniela Risdan

Judge CV

I got my first dog, a miniature Poodle, in 1986, and as a teenager and knew nothing about the dogs or shows. I went to a library, where I found many interesting books to read about dogs and activities involving human and dog. However, I was most intrigued by dog shows descriptions, so decided to try. Considering my teen age and very limited showing, I did quite well, and I finished several championship titles, including International ch title and few SBIS winns with my very first dog.

I fell in love with Poodles so much that I have bred and showed them up to the present time. Under my prefix RISDAN'S, in very limited breeding, I have bred some very successful show dogs, including BIS, SBIS winners, and winners at the most prestigous shows such as European and World Dog shows. I never counted, but I believe I have bred around 30 International Champions and all together my dogs have over 100 Championship titles.

I started judging in 1993, since then I am approved to judge FCI gorups 4, 9 and 10 and have been honoured to judge all around the world.

I have been a member of organising team of several Specialty, National and International shows, and I have been also a president of the breeding comitee for Poodles in Slovenia. At the moment, I am the delegate of KZS at the FCI Breed Comitee.