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Damjana Žnidaršič - Švegelj

Judge CV

Since my very youth I have lived with the dogs. Love to the animals I heritaged from my grandfather, who was hunter and leader of hunting dogs. I was quite young, when I gained hunter exam and in year 1986 I finished my first exam as a judge for exterier. I started with VII FCI group of dogs and continued with FCI group IV and VII. Besides judging exterier I am also judge Eardog work. No matter of what "my" breed was and it is a dachshund. Chinology in not only my hobby but also way of life. I judged work and exterier also everywhere - Europe, Russia, America and Canada. Those were national, international and special events,

I am glad that she had the opportunity to judge at the World Show in Finland and Geneva. In addition, several years in a row at the competitions for German hunting terriers, , and at the biggest competition Dr. Lacner. The invitation to judge the European Exhibition in 2024, here in Slovenia, is particularly gratifying.