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Did you know that Slovenia is among the largest producers of “green gold” in the world? The centre of Slovenia's hop growing is the Lower Savinja Valley, where you can learn in greater detail about the hop growing and beer making tradition at the Eco-Museum of Hop Growing and the Brewing Industry in Žalec..

Have a beer from a beer fountain in Žalec

As you explore the hop growing capital, the town of Žalec, you will see a special fountain in the town centre, from which beer flows. One decilitre of a local beer variety can be poured from each tap. For this, you need a glass beer mug with a chip, which you can purchase in various locations in Žalec.

Žalec is only a 15-minute drive from the center of Celje, so it is an excellent opportunity for a short relaxation or socializing with friends with a glass of beer.

Beer experiences in Laško

Laško is one of the main centres of the Slovenian brewing industry. This is also the location of the oldest still operating and also one of the two leading breweries in Slovenia. Its beginnings go back to 1825. In Laško, you will encounter its rich brewing tradition at every step. Every year in July, its streets come alive to the sound of music and you can enjoy beer and other special local features, various workshops, and other events within the Beer and Flowers Festival. Try to escape from a unique brewing-themed escape room in the house in which the first jug of beer was brewed. At Thermana Laško, you can even enjoy a wellness treatment using beer or its beneficial ingredients.

A brewing stroll through Ljubljana

The Slovenian capital has been attracting more and more beer lovers. With its numerous bars, pubs, and specialty shops, Ljubljana offers a wide array of local and foreign beers. In another of the major Slovenian breweries with a tradition reaching back more than 150 years, you can have an unforgettable beer making experience – visit a museum of the brewing industry and learn how beer is made. And make a toast using the brewery’s own beer in its spacious beer hall. Join the Ljubljananjam group and find about the best beer bars and nooks in the capital. You can also learn about local beers from all around Slovenia in a fun and interactive way. Also visit the first speciality beer shop in Ljubljana, Pivoljub, where you can find different varieties of Slovenian craft beer as well as other, most recognised beer varieties in the world.