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Andrzej Stepinski

Judge CV

Critic & historian of theatre, I’m the member of Polish Kennel Club since1978.I started breeding with Polish Lowland Sheepdog in1982. I bred not so intensive but successful,among my winners are: 3 World Champions, 3 Club Winners, 4 PL Ch., 4 Int. Ch., Can. Ch., SF Ch., SA Ch. The dog bred and owned by me is a father of almost 30champions in 7countries. Since 1990 I have at home also golden retrievers, which I showed and bred not so often, but up today I bred more than 50 Champions in 9 countries. I owned & showed also boxers, one of them was titled Top Boxer ofthe Year 2001. 2000-2010 I was President of Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON) Club.2005-2008 I was Secretary of Boxer Club. 2006-2021 I was President of Retriever Club. Since 2022 I am President of the Judges Committee.

I’m judge since 1996.

I judged in almost all European countries ( incl. UK & Ireland) and Australia, including shows: World Winner, European Winner, Amsterdam Winner, Baltic Winner, Danish Winner, Nordic Winner, Helsinki Winner, Copenhagen Winner, Porto Winner, PL Winner, LTWinner, LV Winner, Big Stockholm and many Championship specialities (retrievers, spaniels, PON–polish lowland sheepdogs, Australian shepherd, French bulldog, boxers, American akitas, shibas, rottweilers, schnauzers, beagles, pugs) Now I am judge for all breeds from FCI1st Group (without German Shepherd), all breeds from groups 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th.